Custom telehealth video conferencing software

We bring to the table the winning mix of deep technical expertise and operational excellence to meet and exceed the requirements of modern healthcare. Experts in scalable real-time communication, we deliver feature-rich and HIPAA-compliant 视频会议解决方案 backed by high-performing architectures to help unlock the full power of telehealth.


Take full advantage of our low-risk agile process to extend your WebRTC解决方案 for healthcare with new functionality and beat competitors to the market.


Support a virtually infinite number of concurrent users with ease. Share meeting links for instant connection and invite a blend of video and audio participants across a range of devices.


Easily capture HD quality video and clear audio to turn online consultations into readily available knowledge assets. Seamlessly edit, manage, and create searchable archives.


Enable quick and secure sharing of 医学图像, 实验室结果, clinical notes and more while supporting both DICOM and non-DICOM images (PDF, MPEG, JPEG, PNG, avi, 和XML).


Integrate your telehealth video solution with an interactive whiteboard to provide the most current and complete patient information, 提高员工绩效, 改善病人护理.


Maximize communication efficiency and drive patient engagement with hassle-free screen sharing. Ensure web and mobile co-browsing from any device or browser.


Manage user-level and global account settings, 轻松配置插件, get real-time insights into your service usage and more — all from a web-based management console.

Ensuring reliable telehealth video conferencing


  • Latency-focused架构优化
  • Simulcasting and adaptive bitrate streaming (ABR)
  • Scalable video coding (SVC) for layered streams
  • 有成本效益的积极自动定量
  • 多CDN和点对点CDN交付
  • 客户端和服务器端性能测试
  • Real-time monitoring of jitter, bandwidth, round trip time, observed latency, and other QoS metrics


  • 灵活的api和自定义连接器
  • Integration with internal workflows and processes
  • EHRs, EMRs, PHMs, practice management solutions
  • Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS)
  • Standardized health data exchange (HL7, FHIR, CCD, CCDA)
  • 先进的健康分析 支持临床决策
  • Medical billing and reimbursement solutions


  • Protection at data, system, and network level
  • 最先进的端到端加密
  • Secure DTLS and SRTP protocols for communication privacy
  • Fine-grained authorization rules and role-based access control
  • 多因素 生物认证技术
  • 支持BYOD策略和MDM工具
  • In-depth penetration testing and vulnerability assessment


Protecting sensitive patient data is our priority. To ensure ePHI confidentiality and comply with HIPAA, PHIPA / PIPEDA, 和高科技的规定, we implement data encryption in transit and at rest, 自动下线, and other technical safeguards that guarantee that all communications — video and audio calls, 医学图像 and documents — remain protected against any unauthorized use.